Center Closure or Access Restrictions. We reserve the right to close or restrict access, without advance notice, to any area of or the entire center or premises for any reason, including but not limited to closures or restrictions related to construction, remodeling, repair, or maintenance (whether planned or unplanned) or for health or safety reasons, including but not limited to weather, natural disasters, power outages, and medical issues. Your obligation to pay membership dues is not dependent upon usage, availability or access to the center.

Personal Training Services. Our personal training services include instruction, coaching, advice, lessons or demonstration concerning physical exercise, physical fitness, nutrition, strategies and other fitness-related activities by City Fitness personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and other fitness professionals employed by City Fitness. Personal training services are available to members, typically for a fee per session, upon completion of a Fitness Program Agreement and Functional Movement Screen. Therefore, no Personal Training is perfmitted  by Members or Guests. You may not solicit or conduct on the premises any personal training as defined above, with or without compensation. City Fitness retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in personal training.

Solicitation. Unless expressly authorized by City Fitness, LLC, you may not solicit—whether in person or in writing—any members, guests, or team members on the premises. This includes off-premises events, including but not limited to solicitations for political or religious purposes, media interviews, business opportunities, or competitive products or services.

Cell Phones. You may not talk on cellular phones in any locker rooms, sauna, or while using any health or fitness equipment. Please use common courtesy when talking cell phones in other areas of the center. Use of cell phones to listen to music, report a problem with a piece of equipment is allowed.

Photography. You may not take professional photographs or video on the premises without the advanced approval of City Fitness.

Food. You may not bring your own food into the center, but you may bring clear non-alcoholic liquids in closeable, unbreakable bottles.

Alcohol. You may not consume alcohol on the premises unless it is purchased from or otherwise provided by a City Fitness facility, and only then in designated areas. You may never use our equipment or fitness services while under the influence of alcohol.

Drugs. You may not use, possess or sell any illegal drug on the premises, including but not limited to anabolic steroids or other illegal growth-enhancing substances. You may not use our equipment, services or programs while under the influence of illegal drugs.

If your prescription medication adversely impacts or influences your ability to safely use the gym, you should stop using any equipment, service or program at City Fitness for the duration of your prescription. Memberships can be frozen during an illness.

Weapons. You may not bring or use weapons of any kind on the premises for any reason. Failure to obey this rule will result in legal action.

Smoking. You may not smoke, chew or use any other tobacco products on City Fitness’s premises including any outdoor areas (e.g. sidewalks or parking lot), or at City Fitness events.

Illness. You may not enter the premises if you have a contagious illness that may be transferred through ordinary use of our equipment, services, or programs. You must cover exposed lesions or rashes.