Personal Training - Thrive Policy

We are excited to now have our iTrain Personal Training department powered by MBSC Thrive. MBSC Thrive offers the most comprehensive performance enhancement training, reconditioning and personal training in the nation.  MBSC Thrive’s results-driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals weather they involved sports performance, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle.

As part of our partnership with MBSC Thrive Performance Training, we are required to provide their system and our iTrain personal trainers with the proper space and equipment needed to succeed.  This is why we have designated special areas for this program in our facilities.

The MBSC Thrive Training area (aka The POD) is designated for our trainers and training clients.  If your facility allows access into the POD (if not sure signage will be placed at entrance or ask staff member) and you are not accompanied by a trainer, then you must abide by the following rules:

  • iTrain trainers/clients have the right away and first use of all equipment in this area. This is not an exclusivity thing, but necessary for this highly systemized program to work. If you are asked to move, please yield to the trainers without delay.

  • All equipment must be put back in its appropriate place each time. All equipment must be used appropriately. Do not drop or bang weights.​

  • Any misuse of equipment or space will ultimately lead to this area being shut down for any general use.

  • Be sure to clean your shoes of dirt or street “debris” before entering the POD.

  • Throw away any trash or water bottles in appropriate receptacles.

If you are not sure whether your facility allows access into the POD, signage will be placed at entrance and you can always ask a staff member.