Guest Policy

We invite guests to use our facilities, whether with a member or as walk-in visitors to the facility. We may restrict overall or individual guest privileges or guest use of the club at any time in our sole discretion, including limiting guest use to non-peak, restricting guest use of certain amenities, or to limiting participation to certain scheduled or special programs. Before each visit, all adult guests must complete and sign a Guest Register and present a valid driver’s license or government-issued identification card.

Guests of Members. Members may bring guests to City Fitness (“guest privileges”) The length of guest privileges for members may vary by membership level.  Premium members have "unlimited guest privileges"  with the each guest allowed a maximum of 20 visits per year. After a member's “unlimited guest privileges” time has expired, members can bring guests at a reduced guest fee of $15. We reserve to change our guest policy without notice. Ask our front desk staff if you need any additional information about brining a guest. 

Guests without a Member. A guest unaccompanied by a member may enjoy one complimentary general-access (or another predetermined time frame or access) visit to a City Fitness facility each year upon presentation of a valid City Fitness guest pass or special invitation (e.g.., web pass, VIP pass, or a membership advisor appointment, email or letter). A guest fee of $20 will apply to any subsequent visit.