What is FitPERX?

FitPERX is an discount program for members of  Gyms and Studios in Philadelphia with a extensive list of local merchants, who provide exclusive discounts to members, as a FREE benefit of their membership! Members can save enough to pay for their membership and personal dues from all the saving avaiable through the FitPERX program

Deals of the Week

Every week, FitPERX  will feature a select group of Merchants with special offers that extend their already discounted FitPerx offers. Be sure to take advantage of these deals while you can, as they are only available for a limited time! You can find the Deals of the Week on FitPERX FaceBook page or the Deals Of the Week email which is sent out every Monday. 

As a member of City Fitness, you have access to great discounts with local merchants, at places like hot new restaurants or clubs, stores for your exercise gear, health and wellness providers even a gym for your pets! How do you use it? It doesnt cost anything extra all you have to do is download and activate our City Fitness smart phone app. With FitPERX you can earn up to 50% off at dozens of spots across the city. With FitPERX you are essentially paying for your membership in savings at places where youd already shop, hang out or have fun!


FOR BUSINESSES:Wondering how to expand your business? FitPERX is the answer. With over 9,000 City Fitness members and every Gym, Personal Training, Spin, Yoga, Boxing and MMA studios members in Philadelphia, which are full of passionate, professional individuals who recognize a good deal when they see it and care about supporting local business.

With FitPERX , Merchants, like you, offer discounts on services or products such as 25% off Happy Hour cocktails, $10 off any bill, or a buy-one-get-one-free deal which can be redeemed by  members via our mobile app or FitPERX card.  In turn, your business is promoted to soon to be over 200,000  members within our clubs and online via blog posts, our FitPERX web portal, HD commercials on YouTube, in-club banners, and our major FitPERX  events and parties! You will be placed on our FitPERX website and on every Gym & Studios website in the FitPERX network, social network pages and mobile app, which means hundreds of thousands of eyes will be looking at YOU.

Our team works hard to find a solution that works best to help you reach new customers across mobile and web platforms, expanding your business to its maximum reach. There are also added benefits for business owners who sign up, including health incentives and membership options.


To become one of our FitPERX Merchant Partners, or to learn more about how to start using your discounts, contact us through our website today.

What Our Members Are Saying...

Posted by Crabby Cafe
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Crabby Caf & Sports Bar would like to send a shout out to the FitPERX program! FitPERX is a program that has brought us much positivity to our establishment and a great family of people that come to dine with us weekly. When you are involved in the Perx program it is not just some boring advertising program. FitPERX likes to be interactive with their clients from filming fun, upbeat commercials for the business, coming into show support, and telling everyone about your place, among all of the fun social media. FitPERX has done a wonderful job in the way that they have helped our local business. Friends and family within our personal business is a big thing to us at Crabbys and we consider the FitPERX team part of that family. Perx listened to what we needed and any concerns we had about the business and they addressed it and helped us move forward in the right direction for this program. FitPERX program has absolutely done right by us for our business. We have had a few great events with the FitPERX program to highlight our business, and from a one night event that Perx put together we have gained even more of a great base of customers and friends that come to visit us weekly. We truly appreciate the great job that Perx has done for us from beginning to end, a truly positive way to get the business name out there and more well known in a community! Thank You From, Crabby Caf & Sports Bar Family

Posted by Jim Raymond
Sunday, August 31, 2014
Dinner at the Capital Grille.. Showed my City Fitness  membership card & they comp'd our shrimp cocktail appetizer. $17 off!!! Wow! Hmm, I def need to use this program more often!! Niice!! Love it! #FitPERX