Fitness Floor Policy


Age Limit. You must be at least 18 years old to enter and use the fitness floor without a guardian or personal trainer.

Equipment. You must follow all safety procedures for equipment use, including but not limited to using safety clips or stops on mechanical equipment and refraining from dropping free weights. If you have any questions about equipment use, please see a City Fitness personal trainer to familiarize yourself with its use. You must turn off, return or replace equipment to its original location when you are done using it. Please wipe down equipment before and after use.

General Fitness Area Rules

  • Be courteous to other members at all times and allow others to work in with you.

  • DO NOT drop weights.  It is unsafe, causes damage to weights and floor.

  • Re-rack all weights and return all equipment back to its proper place of storage.

  • NO chalk allowed.

  • Place all trash in appropriate receptacles.

  • Wipe down all equipment after use.

*If these simple rules are not followed, City Fitness may suspend or terminate your membership.  We take this seriously because it effects every other member’s enjoyment of the club.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Equipment Reservation. You may not reserve equipment for your personal use, such as with a towel, sign or note unless otherwise permitted (such as immediately prior to a scheduled Group fitness class). You must honor all signs on equipment, including notices that the equipment has been reserved (e.g., for group or class use) or is out of service for maintenance.

Equipment in Disrepair. If you notice that any equipment is in disrepair, do not use it. Please report it immediately to a City Fitness team member. We are not responsible for injuries sustained while using equipment, even in the event of equipment failure, malfunction, or disrepair.

Personal Items. You may not use chalk in the weight area. Unless otherwise permitted, you may not bring or set bags, clothing, food or other items on the equipment or fitness floor. You may use cell phones or laptops on the fitness floor, including specifically while using any equipment.